Homemade Finger Paint

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DIY Matching Vacation Shirts

before bleaching  after using bleach penafter using bleach penDIY Matching Vacation Shirts

So, we decided we wanted to start a new tradition and make the kids matching shirts for our annual vacations each year. Our first challenge was wondering how will we ever get all of these little ones to look at us and smile for a picture?! (never.going.to.happen) Well, we decided to do the design on the back of their shirts (also because some of the shirts we bought had a pocket on the front), so that solves that problem! Next up was actually making the shirts. We will write out the steps and attach pictures but be warned, we can never seem to get our pictures to attach in the correct order so they might show up at the top of this post.

First buy the shirts. We bought ours at Target and Walmart- a quick note about the shirt from Walmart is that it WOULD NOT bleach!!! No matter what we did (not washed, prewashed, loads of bleach) it just wouldn’t work. So we do not recommend buying your shirts at Walmart because of this.

Next pick your design (if you have a cricut or silhouette you can use one of their designs). Then cut your design out on freezer paper. Lay design on t-shirt and iron on (make sure you put the shiny side down).

Once freezer paper design is adhered to shirt begin filling it in with bleach. We opted to use the Clorox bleach pen (make sure it says “gel for whites” on it). Depending on the color of your shirt it may take up to 20 minutes for the bleach to work.

Once your design has bleached, remove freezer paper and wash shirt by hand under cold water. Wipe away any excess bleach with your fingers. (Don’t worry your bleach will not run and smudge, we promise) Then put the shirt in the wash machine, dry it and it’s done!!

It was so simple, and the design possibilities are endless!


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4th of July Photoshoot- DIY backdrop

4th of July Photoshoot- DIY backdrop

So I bought some new photography props and things for the Knotty Sisters and wanted to try them out, luckily my son was in a good mood so I snuck in a mini photo shoot before the 4th of July.

You might have seen a backdrop similar to this (because they are all over pinterest!) I have seen them many times and thought they were something elaborate, but when I investigated a little further I realized they were really easy to make yourself. In fact, all this backdrop consists of is paper (yes, paper-from Hobby Lobby) and more paper to make the banner which I strung together with yarn. So simple! All I had to do was find a spot in our home with decent lighting (which wasn’t easy to do considering these never ending rainy days around here), tape it to the wall, tape the banner on and hope for a cooperative baby 🙂

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DIY Laundry Detergent

DIY Laundry Detergent

So we finally got around to making our own laundry detergent.  We have been wanting to for awhile now, but never got around to it because we thought it would be too time consuming.  Well, turns out we were wrong, it was super easy and quick to make!  We used the recipe from the link above.  It is only 3 ingredients, bar soap (we used Dove unscented), washing soda (we used baking soda and baked it) and Borax.  We took the bar soap and shredded it using a food processor (instead of a blender like the link says to do) then we simply tossed that into a bowl and mixed it with the borax and washing soda.  So easy!

Of course you want to know how it worked out in the laundry….  It is AMAZING!  Between muddy clothes from the kids, diaper explosions from the babies, and lots of stains and grime on our husbands clothes this detergent got them all out!  Despite the dove soap being unscented the clothing actually has a very light and clean smell to it after it is washed.

So, for anyone who was thinking about making their own detergent we highly recommend using this recipe.  It works great and takes very little time to make.  You can store it in a mason jar or some other pretty jar so that it become more of a decoration in your laundry room.