Welcome Spring! errr……where are you?

Welcome Spring! errr......where are you?

Ahhhhh, its here, the day we’ve all been waiting for since January 2nd….March 20th aka The first day of spring. So i woke up this morning, put on my most appropriate of springy outfits opened the door and got smacked in the face with 30 degree sunshine. What the heck mother nature!? Don’t you know Brittany and I are 3 weeks out from our first 5k that neither of us feel ready for!? Don’t you know how crazy kids drive their mothers after being kept indoors for going on 5 months now!? Don’t you know what that stupid groundhog told everybody!? I’m not asking for unseasonable 70 degrees (but I wouldn’t complain) I would be happy with anything that gets our butts outside breathing fresh air, some much needed vitamin d, and maybe even some days warm enough to go get ice cream….. You didn’t think I went all healthy running a 5k and all? Oh well, happy March 20th, i’m gonna go crochet some new hats for my kids since they still need them!


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