Hi and welcome to our blog!


We thought we would start a blog up to document all of our ventures into crafting and all things related to that. First we want to start off by telling you a little more about ourselves. We are Allison and Brittany Kollmer. Althought we are called “The Knotty Sisters” we are actually sister-in-laws and best friends. We are married to brothers. Allison has 3 children and Brittany has 1. We live right down the road from each other which is so much fun! The kids get to see each other a lot which will be so nice for them, especially as they get older. Allison’s children are ages 6 years (boy), 3.5 years (girl) and 11 months (boy). Brittany’s son is 6 months. Allison is a stay at home mom and Brittany is mostly a stay at home mom, but works part time as a nurse. We love doing things with our families whether it be camping, going to dirtbike races with our husbands, or staying in for quiet nights!

We got started with the Knotty Sisters after our love of crocheting turned into more than just a hobby. We quickly realized how much people appreciate and love handmade crocheted items so we decided to start up our little business with a Facebook page and craft shows. We are now starting to make and sell new products as our crafting skills are expanding! We hope to update this blog with posts about our crafting endeavors, knotty sister products, DIY tutorials, photography posts and some posts about our families and our lives.

We hope you will stick around while we get the hang of this blogging thing (we’ve already written, accidentally deleted, then rewritten this post, oops!) We promise there will be lots of good posts to come!


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